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Facial Treatment


Giving you the skin that you'll want to face the world in is my ultimate goal. Skin that's healthy and shows it. Skin that feels as great as it looks!

Understanding how the skin ages is crucial to achieving beautiful skin. Sun, stress, the environment, and incorrect product usage leave the skin damaged, uneven, dehydrated and lackluster skin. My technical education and considerable experience are instrumental to assessing and recommending the right treatment plans to counteract these factors and return the skin to its former beauty.

I'm a licensed esthetician with over 17 years of experience in the Temecula Valley. I'm a lifelong learner who stays on top of current trends and breakthroughs in the industry and only uses safe and effective products and techniques. Trusting someone to care for your face is a big step - choose wisely!

Donna Jones 



//  Paul Mitchell Esthetics Program graduate

//  International Dermal Institute post graduate

//  Advanced Chemical Peels certificate

//  Skin Resurfacing certificate

//  Associated Skin Care Professionals member

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